2 years tomorrow

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We lost you just two years ago,
A sorrow that still sings
Of all the tears and emptiness
The loss of loved ones brings.
The day you passed and my birth
Turned out by chance the same,
And so each year when it comes round
We feel both joy and pain.
Our sadness comes from missing you,
And missing you from love,
And love from all the love in you
That we became part of.
Your love is still alive in us,
We feel it ever new;
Our mourning’s filled with happiness
By memories of you.
love you always neil we miss you so much

Hello world!

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Xmas Diva psp tutorial added

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Xmas diva added to my site you can find it here 

soul searching psp tutorial

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well finally got off my backside and put another paintshop tutorial up soul searching click the image to take you too my site

My sisters poem in memory of her son Neil

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Neil my son, remember when you were young, yellow was one of your favourite colours.  I remembered tonight as I sat down to write to you as the pencil I am using is yellow too.
The colour yellow remembers me of you in so many other ways, you were always bright, happy and smiling, you shone like the sun, you were a planet unto yourself and yet your warmth attracted so many others, like the yellow sun and it’s rays.
When I see a daffodil I will think of you, one of the first signs that summer is on it’s way, a ray of hope a ray of sunshine, just like you were to me Neil, my beautiful son.
I remember when you were two or three, you used to bring me in presents, bouqhets of flowers from our back garden, yellow dandelions, the daisies were white and came with yellow centres, like you Neil with your heart of gold.
If someone were to ask me to sum you up as a colour, ‘Yellow’  would be it, as it shine’s so bright.

My Sisters Hearbreaking words

•July 4, 2007 • 1 Comment

Hi, I thought you might be interested to know the outcome of the arrest of Harwinder Singh who ran my son down last year on the 9th of July. I am totally disgusted with our judicial system and would appreciate it if you could publish the following statement to let the rest of the world know how my sons killer got off with taking my sons life  and how the court dealt with this.
My son was a lively 15yr old teenager when his life was brutally and prematurely taken away from him by a ‘Hit and Run’ driver known to us as Harwinder Singh and to the rest of the world by five different other aliases.
Harwinder Singh was caught on Thursday the 28th of July in Nuneaton England after a ‘Nationwide’ appeal to find him, which seen his name and face appear on ‘Crimewatch’ and local and national papers.  He was then brought up to appear in Falkirk Sherrif court on Monday the 2nd of July to face the charges, which didn’t include ‘killing my son’, made against him.
The Sherrif that was on duty sentenced my sons killer to pay a £300 fine and a years ban from driving.  This being an insult in itself to my sons memory and life that was prematurely taken by Harwinder Singh who was not only driving the un-insured car alone with a provisional license, he failed to stop, then proceeded to dump the car before going on the run for almost a year.  Mr Singh replied through an intepretator, as allegedly he can’t speak English that he didn’t know that he had to stop after knocking my son from one side of the road to the other to his death and report what he had done. So why did he dump the un-insured car that he was driving with a provisional license and go on the run for a year. Surely Mr Singh knows right from wrong even if he hasn’t got a conscious.
It’s high time that the law is changed, ‘Killers’ like Harwinder Singh need to be held accountable for taking precious lives.
We certainly don’t think justice has been done, do you?

Updated Lists

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updated some of my lists today as they where out of date, information below

  1. my psp tutorials, captivated and front cover are now online at my new site
  2. my favourite psp sites….added my new site and deleted a few that had dead links 
  3. cool sites…added my site and deleted a few links that where dead
  4. added a new flash player thanks to devs tut on hack msn spaces his link is on my cool site list :o)
  5. removed windows media player

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